Hope's Point

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You walk into a big city, hoping to find a safe haven to call home. Taking in the bright lights, and all the large buildings, you nod to yourself, saying that this is the place you have been looking for. Out of the corner of your eyes, you see movement, and you swivel your head to look in the direction it came from. Nothing. There isn't a single thing there that could signal the arrival of another, but as you look closer, you see a pair of bright blue eyes. You gasp in fear, taking a few steps back as the figure makes a few steps towards you. They chuckle softly, yet maniacally as a smile creeps along the corner of their mouth. "Are you mad?!" you call, but the figure just laughs some more. "If you weren't looking for madness, then you've came to the wrong place." the figure says to you, piercing blue eyes still staring directly into your own. In a swift movement, the figure is in your personal space, and a blunt object comes in contact with the side of your head. Smacking into the ground in a bout of dizziness, the figure leans over your body, and you have just enough time to see their face, outlined by a little of the city's lights. "Welcome to Hope's Point, although, at this point, there is no hope for anyone." the figure says to you, and a moment later, your vision fades.

"That's alright Battle, I took care of it." ^^ ~Caitlin/Ecs



  • Hope's Point is doing a site-wide refresh! Don't worry about any relationship status' you have with others, for those will remain, but anything that has happened in the past, will have only been a dream.
  • Ranks are now no more. No Kings, Queens, anything like that. We will just have regular creatures.


Warm weather makes it perfect for swimming! There isn't a cloud in the sky, and the slight breeze gives the air the perfect feel. Spring is off to a lovely start for Hope's Point!

Remember to welcome Battle as our new Graphic Designer!

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